Come up on the porch, kick back and listen in on some ‘Kin-Folk’ served up by award winning Acoustic Roots family trio, Hilton Park…

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Award winning Acoustic Roots trio, Hilton Park share their unique blend of timeless tales and soulful Blood Harmony with New England audiences young and old…  Listen to what others are saying about Hilton Park!

HP squeezeTHE EQUAL GROUND – “Hilton Park’s new album ‘Strings’ is like a sweet flowing fabric that catches warm breezes as it dries on the line out back of your summer home. From rowdy saloon bustling ballads, to soft, candied flowering story, there is something for everyone in this album.

BOSTON EXAMINER – “Hilton Park is creating a whole new genre for current music. They have reinvented acoustic

BILL COPELAND MUSIC NEWS – “Every note from every instrument is brimming with life… These three sound like they were born to sing together. Hilton Park just might be the beginning of a huge music scene trend gaining more mainstream appeal”.

Listen to samples of your free songs…

1. Harder Times Coming
2. Strings


A father, a son and a family friend who started writing and performing their music together just for fun, have become “the beginning of a huge music scene trend gaining more mainstream appeal”.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bruce Hilton (the dad) , Conor Hilton (the son), and Gregg Pannier (the neighbor): Hilton Park.

Named for a landmark near their home town of Berwick, Maine commemorating a famous 15th century ancestor, Hilton Park is finding that in an industry where individual talent often goes unnoticed, family unity and harmony can prevail. A point driven home by their 2015 New England Music Award for “Best In State: Maine”, among other regional nominations.

Hilton Park’s brand of Americana music, which they have dubbed “Kin Folk”, is authentic and endearingly classic, with enough modern grit to captivate today’s audience. The backdrop of their live performances looks like the wall of a music store, with acoustic guitars, mandolin, dobro, weissenborn, Irish bouzouki… up to 9 instruments at any given show, plus Pannier’s piano. Along with the varied instrumentation, stylish and confident 3-part vocal harmonies fill the repertoire, combining the ‘blood harmony’ only heard in family acts (from the Everly Brothers to the Avett Brothers) with a melodic skill often compared to Crosby, Stills and Nash. Their songwriting style shows New England savvy, yet with roots in the Deep South.

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