Come up on the porch, grab a chair, get comfortable and enjoy some roots music from HILTON PARK

Every story has a song…and acoustic roots family trio Hilton Park tells it’s story with a warm, family tenderness that everything is going to be okay so long as you listen closely… like a sweet flowing fabric that catches warm breezes as it dries on the line out back of your summer home.  – The Equal Ground

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Here’s what music critics are saying about Hilton Park!

Hilton ParkTHE THIRD HALF – “Hilton Park is about as New England as clam chowder and flour biscuits… rootsy folk that imparts an old time feel in brand new songs. A listener would undoubtedly imagine themself comfortably on an old front porch, right next to this dynamic trio”.

BOSTON EXAMINER – “Hilton Park is creating a whole new genre for current music. They have reinvented acoustic

BILL COPELAND MUSIC NEWS – “Every note from every instrument is brimming with life… These three sound like they were born to sing together. Hilton Park just might be the beginning of a huge music scene trend gaining more mainstream appeal”.

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Here’s some info about Hilton Park…

A father, a son and a family friend who started writing and performing their music together just for fun, have become the band the Boston Examiner says has “reinvented acoustic”.

Hailing from the woods of Southern Maine, HILTON PARK is becoming known in the Northeastern U.S. for earthy, emotionally expressive and superbly crafted Americana, Folk & Blues. Every song tells a story, and there’s a story behind every song.  The HILTON PARK sound is authentic and endearingly classic, with enough modern grit to captivate today’s audience. HILTON PARK is made up of Bruce Hilton (the dad), Conor Hilton (the son) and Gregg Pannier (the neighbor).  They write, record and tour throughout the Northeastern United States, sharing their unique blend of timeless tales and soulful Blood Harmony with audiences young and old.

Hilton Park is finding that in an industry where individual talent often goes unnoticed, family unity and harmony can prevail. A point driven home by A point driven home by their 2015 New England Music Award for “Best In State: Maine”, two “Roots Act of the Year” nominations, and a nomination for 2017 “Album of the Year”, and a June 2017 “Best Song” award from the Akademia Music Awards.  With the new CD, “Moments…” along with their varied instrumentation (guitars, piano, mandolin, dulcimer, cello, flute, bouzouki), stylish and confident 3-part vocal harmonies fill the repertoire, combining the ‘blood harmony’ only heard in family acts (from the Everly Brothers to the Avett Brothers) with a melodic skill often compared to Crosby, Stills and Nash.


HILTON PARK being presented their New England Music Award for “Best In State: Maine”

For a limited time Hilton Park is giving away 2 two free song downloads, including the title track from their last album, “Strings”, and the new single “Stupid Game” from their newest album “Moments…”. Here’s what The Third Half had to say about the song, “Strings”…

“Strings” is a treat for the ears. A unique love song, it will take you by the hand and fly you away through a romantic countryside adventure. The dobro and mandolin throughout gives the track an almost bluegrass edge, but there’s nothing twangy about it, and their beautiful voices hold the meat of this lovely piece”.

And The Akademia says this about “Stupid Game”…

“Hilton Park has that one-in-a-million voice you never encounter in person, and the compositional skill to make good on the gift; ‘Stupid Game’ is a stylish salve for modern music.”

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